BDX High Performance Racing GY6 Engine PowerPak

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Get the most out of your GY6 engine with the BDX GY6 High Performance Racing Engine PowerPak


The PowerPak allows you to get the most out of your current GY6 engine without major engine modifications.

The PowerPak gets you:

  • More Top end Speed!
  • More Raw Brute Horsepower!
  • More Low End Torque and Grunt!
  • More Acceleration from the Starting LIne!

You get more spinning tires, flying gravel and dirt on the low end and higher flat out speed on the top end.  All of the components purchased separately would cost over $500 now for only $399

This PowerPak includes all of the following:

CUSTOMIZED PERFORMANCE JUST FOR YOU:  With the roller weights and red and yellow spring you get to mix and match the exact combinations to get you the best performance for your situation: hilly, flat land, sand, mud, soft dirt, packed dirt.

PERFORMANCE EXHAUST: Our header pipe is 100% USA made in our facility in Virginia with USA metal. The highest quality, best performing GY6 buggy exhaust kit available on the market.   Check out the competition:  They give you a lot less for the same money and their exhaust is 100% made in China.  Click here and check it out.  And here is another for $369. Click here to see where you get less for even more money from the competition.

Read the benefits of each of the upgrades at the links below:

Please let us know, via email, whether you desire AC or DC CDI.  If you do not specify you will receive the AC CDI.


  • GY6 150cc most buggies.  
  • 170cc GY6 buggies.  You will need to tell us which buggy so that we can send you the right exhaust.  The A12 cam shaft does not work on the K-block 170cc or the 177cc engine. We send a 39t sprocket instead of the A12 cam if you have the 170cc or 177cc K-block engine
  • Crossfire 150R - Be sure to call us and ask for the short exhaust.

Does not fit:

  • 300cc engines or buggies
  • 250cc or 232cc internal reverse GY6 engine.  The transmission parts do not fit.  Call before ordering so that we get you the right exhaust header.
  • Scooter 150 to 232cc,  The exhaust header will not work on your scooter.  But the other parts will fit

Call us if you have a Kandi 200. We may need pictures to confirm if the parts will fit.