BDX Performance Honda Ruckus 50cc to 150cc Conversion Harness Kit

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Best Quality Best Price Option on the Market

This harness kit allows you to adapt your original high quality 50cc Honda Ruckus wiring harness for your 150cc, or 175cc, or 184cc or 232cc engine conversion.

This is the lowest cost and best quality option on the market that is available for upgrading your 50cc Honda Ruckus to a GY6 150, or 175cc or 184cc or 232cc engine.  Why is this the best option?

  • Everyone knows that Honda make top quality thoroughly tested products.  Thus your stock harness is the best quality harness that you can get for you.  Other 150cc harnesses are being manufactured low volume, without the rigorous testing of Honda, in someones basement by their sister-in-law who is unemployed at the moment.
  • All we are doing is adding a few GY6 components and an American made harness to your original harness.

When installing one of the Buggy Depot harnesses our technician said,

"Honda had engineered their harness so well that I could not bring my self to tearing out this well built, excellently mounted harness.  So I decided to design a kit that would allow me to use this original high quality harness."