BDX Yerf Dog Spiderbox Heavy Duty Replacement Axle Kit

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This is our BDX Yerf Dog Spiderbox Heavy Duty Replacement Axle Kit

Life Time Warranty Against Breakage. 

Nearly 4 Inches Longer than Stock

Over 4mm Thicker than Stock

With this axle you are ready for an internal reverse engine because your sprocket hub is already in the right place. 


If you have an external reverse engine then you'll need the axle sprocket spacing hub kit to space over your axle sprocket or you can use 5/16" grade 8 bolts that you can get at Tractor Supply. You can cut spacers from tubing or merely use stacks of washers to space over your sprocket.  Also you will need to cut your brake caliper standoffs, that are welded to the frame, to 37mm from the frame.  You can get a grinder and cut off wheel from Harbor Freight for $10 to $15.  And now you will have a heave duty axle that is guaranteed not to break.

Comes with everything that you need to replace your original axle including:

  • Two 4x110mm wheel hubs (may be different than pictured)
  • Two new axle bearings
  • Two new hub bearing
  • Eight lug nuts
  • Spacing kit to space over your axle sprocket if you have an external reverse engine.
  • 20mm axle nylock nuts

Not Included

  • Two new wheel bearing caps (not currently including--out of stock on these caps.   But you have four with your old axle.  And you can use two of these.

This axle is 41 inches compare to the original Yerf Dog axle of 37.5 inches for a 3.5 inch gain in axle length.  

The original Yerf Dog axles have a higher failure rate than most other similar vehicles. They typically break or sheer off where the wheel hub mounts on the axle. Our SuperDuty axle fixes that problem.  The BDX SuperHeavy Duty Replacement Axle comes with a life time warranty against breakage.  

Below note the difference in size from the stock axle to the BDX SuperHeavy Duty axle.  Over 4.5mm additional thickness.

No description available.

 If you have an external reverse stock engine you will need to space over your axle sprocket using our spacer kit.