GY6 Complete Driven Clutch Pulley Assembly (Rear Clutch)

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Fits the Following Go karts, ATVs, UTVs: 

  • 125cc GY6 Engines
  • 150cc GY6 Engines
  • 170cc GY6 Engines
  • 175cc GY6 Engines
  • 200cc GY6 Engines

Manufactured in the USA!!!

These clutch pads and springs are new, however, were removed from new engines that were only run while testing the engine at the factory in China.  When we build 175cc engines, at our facility in VA, we remove these new clutch shoes, springs and variators from the engines and sell these at discounted price.  You may see minor wear marks but 99% plus of the shoe is still in place.

All other of the components for the driven clutch unit have never been run in an engine.