BDX Heavy Duty Tomberlin Crossfire 150 Front End Kit

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Lifetime Guarantee on BDX Performance Heavy Duty Front End

How is this kit more heavy duty than stock?

  • Your a-arms are made of thicker metal .125 inches thick.
  • Our a-arms take 14mm ball joints rather than the 12mm stock joints that came on your yellow Crossfire 150, The heavier ball joint do not break like the stock joints.


  • Complete BDX Heavy Duty A-Arm Set
    • One Lower Passenger Side Control
    • One Lower Driver Side Control
    • Two Upper Control Arm x2
  • Hiem Joint x8
  • Tie Rod x2
  • BDX 14mm Ball Joint set of four pieces
  • BDX Heavy Duty Spindle Set

You receive a life time warranty against breakage or bending.  Normal wear and tear and accidents are excluded.