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IMPORTANT: CLEAN YOUR ENGINE BEFORE SHIPPING:  If you are shipping an engine to BDX for rebuild be sure to clean it and drain the oil.  There is a $50 cleaning fee for cleaning engines.  if you have a pressure washer please use to clean your engine.

If you are shipping your engine to BDX in VA to have us perform work on it you can purchase a label with our discounted rates.  This will be far cheaper than going to the UPS store or the like. We will email you a label when you purchase this service to send us your engine to BDX Performance, 409 W 5th Ave, Lawrenceville, VA 23868. See packing instructions below.  

Region 1 - $40

  • VA
  • WV
  • NC

Region 2 - $50

  • SC
  • MD
  • TN
  • KY
  • OH
  • PA
  • NJ

Region 3 - $60

  • NY
  • IN
  • IL
  • AL
  • GA
  • FL
  • CT
  • RI
  • MA
  • NH
  • VT

REgion 4 - $70

  • ME
  • WI
  • IA
  • MO
  • AR
  • LA
  • MS
  • OK
  • KS
  • NE
  • IA
  • MN

Region 5 - $80

  • ND
  • SD
  • NE
  • CO
  • NM
  • TX
  • WY
  • MT

Region 6 - $90

  • ID
  • NV
  • AZ
  • UT

Region 7 - $100

  • CA
  • OR
  • WA

SHIPPING INSURANCE:  You have the option of getting insurance when you ship the engine.  Click here.

UPS damages a lot of engines.  We have been fighting with them over this for 16 years.  Please pack your engine really well.  Please see instructions and photos below.

Shipping recommendations sending us your engine to rebuilding: You will need a box about 26 to 28 inches long. Puts 1 to 2 inches of styrofoam on the front and rear.  And then styrofoam all of the way around the engine. Pack tight with styrofoam.  Do not leave it loose in the box.  Tape up the box.  Put this box into a larger box and put styrofoam between the two boxes. The outside box should be 30 to 31" long. To protect from damage it is best to double box.  You can get free styrofoam at your local furniture stores or appliance stores.  Don't get boxes too big or UPS will charge an oversize fee and then we will have to pass this charge on to you

This is good packing,  Double boxed with Styrofoam between the two boxes..

  • IMPORTANT INFORMATION: External box size CANNOT exceed 32x22x20.  UPS or FedEx will charge an oversize fee.  See below.  If we are charged a oversize fee we will past that fee on to you.  "UPS Website says:  A Large Package Surcharge will be applied to each UPS package when its length plus girth [(2 x width) + (2 x height)] combined exceeds 118 inches

Core Engine Shipping Recommendations:  Packing is not as critical with core engines.  A single box will do and packed good with styrofoam.  You can get excellent styrofoam from a furniture or appliance store.  Be sure to put plenty of styrofoam on the front, back and all of the way around.  Be sure to put at least 2 to 3 inches in the rear of the engine.

See pictures below of damaged engines and packing tips.

Special Instructions

  • Put your name, phone number and address inside of the box incase it gets lost and also so that we know whose engine it is.

  • RZR 170cc Engine:  The front of the 170 RZR engine is very fragile. It cost $250 to $300 to replace the front cover and sensor. 

  • External Reverse GY6 Engines.  The rear of the engine is very fragile.  Protect it well.  It breaks very easily. And the engine is a total lost when this breaks.  See below.

You MUST us styrofoam to pack your engine!

Do Not use cardboard as your packing material.

Do NOT use bubble wrap as your packing material.

Do NOT use packing peanuts as your packing material.

Drain oil from your engine before shipping

Go to your local furniture or appliance store and get some FREE styrofoam.  They will gladly give it to you.


Pack your engine well because it could see some extreme conditions.  See below:










The pictures below show the external reverse engine.  The main case has a very fragile piece at the back of the engine.  If this gets broken in order to fix this, the engine has to be completely torn down and reassembled onto a new case.  We have seen this happen dozens of times. See pictures below.




Protect the end piece circled in red with 2 to 3 inches of Styrofoam.


We have seen lots poorly packed engines.




Do NOT use card board as your packing material.  It is too hard and will damage your engine.

Below CVT Cover Broken from customer using cardboard 
as packing material.

 No description available.