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DONGFANG 200 Go-Kart Engine, GY6 170CC

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GUARANTEED DIRECT FIT FOR DONGFANG 200, 170cc, Go-Kart with 12 month warranty--see details below.  Fits all Dongfang model go-karts.  New GY6 170cc Internal Reverse Buggy Go-Kart Engine. Call our technicians if you have any questions 434-447-4870

The Dongfang is somewhat slow and sluggish because it has a standard stock transmission.  This is fine for the little kids but if you want a little speed and spunk for the adults see the high performance transmission below.  We will install it for you.  



Option 1: American made high performance Uni-Filter air filter ensures clean air to your engine and long life.  See why a NEW Uni-Filter is MANDATORY for ALL new engines and purchase at this link.   Your one year new engine warranty applies only if a new uni-filter is purchased with this engine.  If you don't get a Uni-Filter you are guaranteed to be putting dirt into your clean NEW engine.  Stock air filters do not effectively filter air and are the number one engine killer for GY6 engines.  Don't get an engine without one.  See Details

Option 2:  BDX High Performance Racing Transmission:  Click here to see detail or add to your order..  If you add this option the parts will installed into your new engine. A Performance Transmission is the difference between a sluggish, slow and inefficient go-kart and a peppy, speedy and powerful go-kart that utilizes the full power of the engine--only $99 when purchased with an engine.  See details

Option 3: The BDX A12 Cam Shaft changes the power profile of your GY6 engine  to provide the optimal balance for both low end grunt and top end speed.  If you purchase the A12 Cam Shaft it will be installed and tested in your new engine.


Option 4: 11 Pole Stator, rectifier and harness adapter.  With this option you get more power to run your lights and other accessories.  If you get this option it will be installed and tested in your engine--Click Here.  The engine comes stock with an 8 pole stator.  

Option 5: Performance Exhaust:  You can get the BDX performance exhaust for any of the engines above for an estimated 10% to 15% increase in raw power--see video!.  Your stock exhaust is restricting your power because the exhaust gases are being squeezed out through a tiny hole.  The BDX Performance Exhaust fixes that.  If you get a performance engine without the performance exhaust you will be restricting some of that NEW powerTo see details or add the exhaust to your order click here.  Or see our video to see what this increased horsepower looks like in a race click here.


Engine is shipped DRY with no oil. Be sure to add 750ml of 10w40 to the crankcase and 120ml of 80w90 to the gearcase before starting.

The BDX Performance team members are THE GY6 Engine Experts in the USA.  Building and shipping hundreds of GY6 performance racing engines for over 10 years.  We have a full machine shop in Virginia with an engine technician and engineer. See video 

Be sure to read the article on how displacement affects your power.

Click here to see additional important information regarding this engine.

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