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[b]This listing requires some services provided by Buggy Depot.[/b] Please read the listing fully before purchasing.

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[b]This isn't a stand-alone kit. Heavy-duty modifications are required to beef up the front end of your Yerf Dog before installing this kit.[/b]

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Note: This kit is designed to be used with our ATV Hub Adapters Kit and rims with a 4/110mm. This kit will not work with the original rims and tires.

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[b]Included in this kit[/b]
[*] Front Brake Calipers L/R
[*] 1x Master Cylinder w/ Reservoir
[*] 2x Front Rotor Discs w/ 12x Rotor Mounting Bolts
[*] Dual Master Cylinder Mounting Kit
[*] Brake lines, T-splitter, and all banjo bolts you'll need are included.

This kit uses an additional master cylinder which is setup in a dual configuration with the original. Three brake lines are included, and a number of banjo bolts and seals. The main brake line runs up to the front of the chassis and connects to the left and right front brake lines via the T-split. The front brake lines then connect to the calipers.

[b]Don't install this kit unless you've already done these modifications:[/b]
[*] Heavy Duty Ball Joints
[*] Front Bulkhead Reinforcement
[*] A-Arm Reinforcement
[*] Reinforcement Spindles ("Uneven" 1st & 2nd Generation - "Even" 3rd Generation)
[*] ATV Hub Adapters Kit
[*] Rims with 4/110mm Bolt Pattern (and tires)

[b]Caliper mounting tabs will need to be welded to your reinforced spindles.[/b] We offer a precision auto-centering [pip id="425"]mounting tabs bracket[/pip] separately for very easy welding without any measuring, just slide the bracket on the spindle shaft and weld. Be sure to orient the bracket in the correct direction (shown in pictures). You can fabricate your own brackets if you prefer.