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150cc, 175cc GY6 Scooter Engine (Long Case) with Performance Transmission

150cc, 175cc GY6 Scooter Engine (Long Case) with Performance Transmission

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Guaranteed & Certified 150cc Engine

We are the only supplier who disassembles your engine and verifies that it is a 150cc engine.  We have caught China suppliers installing 125cc cylinder and pistons and selling as 150cc.  Buy from any where else and you don't know what you will be receiving.  All the other guys do is slap a label on a box.  Don't be a chump and get suckered.  Get a BDX Performance certified Engine. 


Option 1:  Stock 150cc GY6 Long Case Scooter Engine


Option 2: 175cc GY6 62mm Big Bore Engine with performance transmission. 

We disassemble your engine, bore the case and install a 175cc 62mm big big bore piston and cylinder and a performance transmission.  We then reassemble and test your engine.  This engine includes the performance transmission which includes:


Frequently asked questions are answered here.

[*] 60 Day Parts Warranty
Please read the Warranty details.

No returns on engines.

Engine is shipped DRY with no oil.
Be sure to add 750ml of 10w40 to the crankcase and 120ml of 80w90 to the gearcase before starting.

What's included:
Everything under the engine's covers and plastics is included and installed, this is a complete unit. Starter, stator, and intake manifold arrive bolted to engine. CVT transmission is fully assembled and cover installed. All transmission components are assembled and cover installed. All drain bolts and internal oil screen are installed. Valve cover installed.

Sold separately:
Carburetor, exhaust, ignition components and charging parts are all sold separately.

Remember to adjust valves after break-in period.


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