GY6 50CC Performance Scooter Exhaust

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 Performance exhaust and muffler for QMB139 50cc scooters

Product description:
  • Muffler length: 14" including exhaust tip
  • Muffler diameter: 3.5"
  • Pipe OD: 25mm 
  • Pipe ID: 22.5mm
  • Pipe mounting to manifold: 2"
  • Muffler has replaceable screw in silencer plug
  • 6 mounting holes to mount pipe to muffler allowing you to position the outlet  pipe - only 3 bolts actually used
  • Inlet pipe is 22" long with 4 bends:
    1. 1st bend is 4.5" from manifold
    2. 2nd bend is 4"
    3. 6" run to the 3rd bend
    4. 6" to the muffler attachment
    Kit contains muffler mounting bracket and insulator, exhaust pipe gasket (2.5" round, 3-hole), 4 bolts, 4 washers, 1 lock washer and 1 nut.

    *MAY require some modifications to the inlet bracket on some scooters.

    Comes in different colors: BLACK, BLUE, SILVER, or RED