BDX High Performance GY6 Racing Complete Driven Pulley Assembly (Rear Clutch)

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BDX GY6 High Performance Driven Clutch Assembly. 

Comes With: 

  • One 1500 RPM Koso Sping Assembled
  • One Koso High Stall Clutch Assembled
  • One BDX Clutch Bell
  • One BDX Clutch Seat Pulley Assembled
  • One clutch nut
  • One clutch spring cap

Fits the Following Go karts, ATVs, UTVs: 

  • 125cc GY6 Engines
  • 150cc GY6 Engines
  • 170cc GY6 Engines
  • 175cc GY6 Engines
  • 200cc GY6 Engines


1500 RPM Spring:
  • Extended Low Gear

  • Reduces Belt Slippage

  • Does not reduce top speed

This stiffer transmission spring keeps your CVT transmission in lower gear longer, allowing higher RPMs at lower speeds. This extends the amount of throttle you can apply at low speeds, and ultimately allowing more low-gear power to the wheels before the transmission begins to shift to higher gearing ratios. This is important for buggies where low-end power is what we're after.

The Koso High Stall Clutch

If you are looking for higher performance out of your clutch unit for better acceleration the name brand Koso High Performance Racing Clutch will provide that performance.

This clutch unit engages at higher RPM with more force than the standard clutch. Thus it provides better launch from a stand still as well.  It is also better for steep hill climbing, towing, or when forcing the front end up over large obstacles.