High Performance AC Tune Up Kit

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  • High Performance Output Coil
  • High Performance AC CDI
  • 150cc GY6 Spark Plug
  • Trigger Module

Get spark without tearing your hair out This bundle includes all critical components of the standard AC ignition system on most 150cc Scooters, Go Karts, and ATVs. You asked us for an easy kit, here it is. We're now providing an Ignition Tune up Kit to shotgun the most common "no spark" problems all at once. No need to struggle with a multimeter for hours to pinpoint a bad part. You can get all of the parts at a discount, plug them in and be done.

For full ignition troubleshooting information, see our guide! GY6 150cc Ignition Troubleshooting Guide: No Spark? The parts of this kit aren't returnable individually. We offer all of these items separately if you just need one or more! Solid tested parts There are cheap copies of copies everywhere online. Every component in this kit has been tested to be the best and most reliable version from proven manufacturers. Check out our ignition components in action! NO REV LIMIT We tested this CDI with an oscilloscope and trigger simulator, and found that it can produce stable spark to 30,000 (thirty thousand!) RPM.

Of course, your engine safely tops out at around 11,000RPM. No limiter is needed, or exists. Standard coil location This coil installs at the standard location for most 150's, mounted on the side of the engine case. Certain 150cc models have their stock coil located inside of the electrical box. We recommend against this due to the coil wire needing to be extra long to reach. This causes less spark at the plug, and ultimately a less reliable ride. Our coils are the shorter most common version of the coil. If you have the longer version of the coil, you'll need bolt #122 to mount our coil.


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