Yerf Dog GX150 Rear Axle - 5 YEAR WARRANTY

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Five year warranty 

  • Your axle comes with a five year warranty against breakage


  • Axle
  • 2, 16mm Axle locking nuts
  • 2 fender washers

Nuts come installed on threads to protect the axle threads during shipping. We are the only seller to provide new locking nuts. The last thing you want is to get your new axle and have damaged threads.

This is same as the rear stock OEM axle that came on your Yerf Dog.

If you axle breaks within 5 years of purchasing we will provide a new axle to you free of charge.  You only have to pay shipping of your old to us and back to you.  We have to confirm that this is the axle that we sold to you.

DISCLAIMER: It is well known publicly through buggy forms and websites, that the Yerf Dog stock axles break at a higher rate than similar buggy axles. Of the hundreds of Yerf Dog riders that we have spoken to with broken axles ALL have said that their axle broke in low speed turns. We know of zero high speeds axle breaks. Based upon hundreds of customers that we have talked to there is a higher probability that your axle will break over time than most axles on go-karts. THEREFORE PLEASE BEWARE THAT YOU ARE RIDING AT YOUR OWN RISK!