8"x5.375" ATV, Go-kart Rim, 4X4" Bolt Pattern

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Fits some buggies with a tire 8 inched inner diameter.  


  • 5 3/8" Width (bead to bead seat - where the tire locates)
  • 8 inch diameter (bead to bead seat - where the tire locates)
  • 2.5" inch offset from the inside of the rim
  • 4"x4" bolt pattern
  • Color white
  • R-658-4

Check the last number on your tire such as 20x7x8.  The 8 means it is an 8 inch inner diameter and this rim will fit.  if your tire say 20x7x10, or some other last number, this rims will not fit.

Also check your hub to be 4"x 4".  Measure from center of the stud across the center of the hole to the stud on the opposite side.  If 4 inches then this rim will fit your hub.