Engine Upgrade (DC CDI)

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High-Flow UNI Air Intake
UNI has been manufacturing "the Best Air Filters on Earth" for over 30 years. UNI's provide increased performance, higher air flow, and better engine protection than any other air filter. And they can be cleaned and reused. Be sure to use Uni Foam Filter Oil for proper filtration.

When upgrading to the Uni kit, the vent lines connected to the original airbox can be allowed to hang free. One hose is coming from the crankcase, and the other from the final transmission (the third is a drain tube). These vents allow aerated and burnt blow-by oil to escape the engine, preventing premature oil contamination. If the hose coming from the head is routed right above the chain, it will help lubricate the chain during operation.

Uni Air Filter Oil
Uni Foam Filter Oil is designed for maximum filtration efficiency without restricting air flow, and its tacky formula resists draining off the filter.

Re-oiling Directions:
Pour Uni Foam Filter Oil into a clean container (You can use the bag your uni kit came in). Saturate the foam completely. Squeeze out all excess oil and install the air filter. Be sure that the filter is clean and dry before oiling to prevent thinning of the oil

CDI Upgrade Box
Produces a smoother idle and increased low-end throttle response. Easier starting for cold-natured engines. Super simple Plug -n- Play installation.

NOTE: The CDI Upgrade in this kit is NOT compatible with AC ignition systems - only DC.

High-Output Ignition Coil w/ plug
Produces stronger spark with reduced recovery time & increased response. Smoother idle and better throttle response. Increased spark production results in a more complete combustion of the fuel mixture.

This coil installs at the standard location for most 150's, mounted on the side of the engine case.

Certain 150cc models have their stock coil located inside of the electrical box. We recommend against this due to the coil wire needing to be extra long to reach. This causes less spark at the plug, and ultimately a less reliable ride.

Our coils are the shorter most common version of the coil. If you have the longer version of the coil, you'll need [pip id="122"]bolt #122[/pip] to mount our coil.