Steering Rack Machining Service for Yerf Dog GX150

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Tired of your Yerf Dog GX150 turning wider than an 18 wheeler?

Yerf Dog 150 model's are known for having a horrible turning radius. Your newly machined and refurbished rack & pinion unit from Buggy Depot will have 8 more teeth than the original steering rack, increasing rack travel from 6.90 inches to 9.05 inches. This doubles the number of extra teeth previously possible, vastly improving the turning radius of an otherwise stock GX150.

This is a send-in machining service to cut +8 teeth into your steering rack for the Yerf Dog GX150.

This service currently has a 7-Day turn around time.

Important! Make sure that your rack isn't bent or damaged before sending it in. If it's damaged but you think it might be salvageable, sent us a couple pictures and we'll let you know if we can fix the issue at the same time.

Also important! Please send in your steering rack without the rod arms. We only need the rack unit itself. This will save you on shipping extra charges.  If we have to remove there is an extra charge at $65/hour.. Do not remove the pinion gear or rack housing. We can't machine it without the housing.


Installation Instructions:
1. Turn the wheel from end to end to find the spot in the center of rotation.
2. Hold or lock the wheel in this position.
3. Adjust the tie rod ends so that the tires are aligned forward with the steering wheel in this position.

This is how Yerf Dog's should have come from the factory.
Works on 150cc Yerf Dog go-kart models, excluding the CUV series.