Tomberlin Crossfire 150R Replacement Engine Kit

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This package includes the everything needed to bolt up your new Crossfire 150R or Baja replacement engine to you Crossfire.  It includes:

  • A reverse shifting package (2 cables, shifter handle, shifter cam, bracket, bolts,
  • 14T Sprocket 19 Spline 
  • Chain tensioner 
  • Drive Shaft Locking Nut 
  • Spacer 5x
  • Small drive shaft spacer 1x
  • Mounting plate for rear of engine
  • 59 Link Single Row Chain and master link
  • Gear shift unit
  • Bracket 
  • Hardware

You will be using a single row chain which is what virtually all other buggies use. And will be using only one side of the sprocket on your Axle. 

Kit Installation Instructions:

  • Bolt mounting plate provided to the top rear of the swing arm.
  • Use the rear engine mount/chain tensioner to mount the rear of the engine.
  • You'll need to space over your axle sprocket using the four grade 8 bolts and washers provided.  Add or remove washers to align the two sprockets.
  • You will install a new forward-reverse shifting system.
  • You will need to space over your engine sprocket using the large spacers provide.  Add or remove spacers to align the two sprockets.
  • Tighten chain as necessary.