Twister Hammerhead Go-Kart Axle, 5 Year Warranty, 150cc internal reverse engine

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Five Year Warranty Against breakage.

Twister Hammerhead Axle for late model hammerheads with the internal reverse engine.

  • Comes with two M16 1.5 Nylok nuts

Nuts come installed on threads to protect the axle threads during shipping. We are the only seller to provide new locking nuts. The last thing you want is to get your new axle and have damaged threads.

The axle hubs on the newer hammerheads are closer to the brake hub to account for the larger rear end of the internal reverse engine.

  • Includes hole for speedometer read switch magnet.  Just screw it out of your old axle and screw it into your new axle.
  • M16 1.5 thread pitch.
  • Bearing surfaces 24.5" apart.
  • 41" length
  • Spline to spline distance 36.25"
  • Brake hub location 12 5/8" from end of axle
  • Axle hub location: 25 3/8 from end of axle.