Twister Hammerhead Axle (for external reverse engine)

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Twister Hammerhead Axle for older model hammerheads with the external reverse engine.

  • Comes with two M16 1.5 Nylok nuts

The axle hub on the older model hammerhead is futher away from the brake rotor hub.

  • Includes hole for speedometer read switch magnet.  Just screw it out of your old axle and screw it into your new axle.
  • M16 1.5 thread pitch.
  • Bearing surfaces 24.5" apart.
  • 41" length
  • Spline to spline distance 36.25"
  • Brake hub location 12 5/8" from end of axle
  • Axle hub location: 22 7/8" from end of axle.

This axle has a second small machined surface adjacent to the bearing surface.  See the last photo.