UNI Filter Assemble and Kit

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The photo below shows large particles and dirt beyond the filter element and headed towards the carb and engine.  Below is the tube, after the air has been filtered, going from the air filter to the engine. 


THROW THAT AIR BOX AWAY IMMEDIATELY, YESTERDAY, LAST YEAR. NOT ONLY IS IT WORTH-LESS, IT IS WORTH NEGATIVE $$$$ BECAUSE IT IS KILLING YOUR ENGINE. REPLACE IT WITH A HIGH PERFORMANCE UNI FILTER.  See the pictures below.  This is what is going into your engine using a stock GY6 air filter. And the pictures on this page came off of two GY6 engines less than one year old. So this is the dirt getting pass the stock filters into your engine.  See more pictures below.

  • Freer Air Flow
  • Cleaner Air to your engine
  • Prolonged Engine Life
  • Additional Horsepower


Our High-Flow Uni Filter Intake Kit. Original air boxes on GY6 150's usually aren't very good at filtering and leak an unacceptable amount of dust and debris leading to premature engine failure. This kit eliminates the stock air box altogether, mounting directly to the carburetor. This filter setup is hydrophobic, meaning that it repels water and is perfect for riding in even down pouring rain.

It comes fully assembled and bolts on. Filter is to be oiled before using.  The two filter elements are washable, reusable, and can be used over and over. Comes with filter, connector assembly to attach to carb and oil.

Note: When oiling use the UNI oil provided and NOT K&N or motor oil or some other oil. They will NOT work. UNI oil is a tacky formula specifically designed for the large pores of the UNI filter. Use Genuine UNI oil or the filter will NOT be effective! When dirty wash with soap and warm water and re-oil filter.


When installing the filter allow the hoses to hang. There is positive air flow from the hoses and nothing will be sucked into your carb or engine.

The coupler is designed to fit really tight. You may need to heat up the gray coupler with a blow dryer or heat gun in order to install onto the carb.  We made it tight in order to prevent dust from getting into your carb and engine.  .

Stock Filter Passing Dirt

Below shows the dirt air comes in though the center hole and dirt should be trapped inside of the  inner diameter of the filter.  But as as you can see there is dirt every where in the air box where there should be no dirt.

Close-up of the same box.

Filter Element Folded up Inside of the Air Box and Dirt Bypassing the Filter