Twister GY6 150cc External Reverse Buggy Engine with Performance Transmission -- Guaranteed Fit

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Comes with Upgraded Transmission for Better Power Transfer to the Wheels:

This is not a stock buggy engine.  It comes with the 1500 PRM Spring and 10 gram rollers, performance variator and high stall clutch.  You will not find this engine anywhere else.


Our BDX buggy engine is guaranteed to fit your buggy. Call our technicians at 434-447-4870 and we 100% guarantee that the engine that we ship will fit your buggy.  

The Chinese-built GY6 150cc buggies built from 2000 to around 2011 all use the same GY6 engine.  However, you will not find this engine anywhere else in the world that is a direct bolt in for your buggy.  We modified engines in our facility in VA to fit your specific buggy.  Give us a call today and talk to Doug..

Sure you can purchase a scooter engine and modify it to fit your buggy. You could do the same thing with a golf cart or motorcycle engine.  Why hassle with all of that trouble when you are guaranteed to get the exact right engine for your buggy, from BDX, with no modifications.  And what if you order an engine that will not fit your buggy.  

Our technicians work on buggies everyday and they know exactly what engines go into what buggies.  Call us 434-447-4870.

Our standard GY6 engine  works on the Yerf Dog Spiderbox 3206 and 4209, the yellow Tomberlin Crossfire 150, Blade, Kinroad, Twister Hammerhead, Carter Talon, Baja Dune, SUNL, ROKETA and many more. If you have an external reverse you simply remove your gear box from your old engine drive shaft and install it onto your new engine drive shaft. 

Does Your Buggy Have an Internal Reverse?
If you have a newer buggy such as a TaoTao, Explorer, Scrambler, Raptor, Falcon, Kandi Spider, Tomberlin Crossfire 150R, Baja Reaction, American Sports, Trailmaster or UTV such Yerf Dog Rover CUV or Bull Dog Pup you will need one of our internal reverse engines for buggies.  We guarantee fit on those as well.


We can even convert your new 150cc engine into a 175 or 184cc racing engine:


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How big bore kits & strokers work

We can also convert this 150cc engine into a 175cc or 184cc racing engine for your vehicle. To see more on converting this new engine to a 175cc or 184cc racing engine please see:

175CC racing engine

184cc racing engine


Stock GY6 Hill Climb


BDX 184cc GY6 Hill Climb



We can also rebuild or repair your old engine.  We have many options for any price range.  Call and speak with Doug 434-447-4870.

Be sure to read our article on how displacement affects your power.



Arrives with Large Valves Installed
The large 27mm/24mm valves allow the engine to breathe better at high RPM, allowing for higher top speeds. This is a very noticeable improvement if your original engine came with the smaller 24/23 valves.



Also includes STAGE 1 Electrical Upgrade
This engine comes from the factory with our S1 Electrical package, which generates more electrical power for lighting and charging the battery more rapidly.




Frequently asked questions are answered here.

[*] 60 Day Parts Warranty
Please read the Warranty details in the right-side column.

No returns on engines.

Engine is shipped DRY with no oil.
Be sure to add 750ml of 10w40 to the crankcase and 120ml of 80w90 to the gearcase before starting.

What's included:
Everything under the engine's covers and plastics is included and installed, this is a complete unit. Starter, stator, and intake manifold arrive bolted to engine. CVT transmission is fully assembled and cover installed. All transmission components are assembled and cover installed. All drain bolts and internal oil screen are installed. Valve cover installed.

Sold separately:
Carburetor, exhaust, ignition components and charging parts are all sold separately.

Remember to adjust valves after break-in period.