Apples to Apples Comparison Between Various Vehicle Sellers

Not all vehicle sellers are created equal.  This post helps you quickly make comparisons between various sellers where "Sellers Intentionally Create Confusion in the Market and Customers Lose"  

And yes we are biased.  But you don't have to take our word.  You can look at the spreadsheet below and go to a couple of seller's websites and check out a few of our claims for yourself and gain confidence in the chart for yourself.

In general hands down BDX Performance is the place to purchase your vehicle because we offer more than any other seller by miles.  

In general sellers are sellers and that is what they do--they sell, they talk, they are nice and friendly and they get you stuff to you quickly.  However, sellers and sales people, in general, lack technical knowledge and China vehicle sellers typically are not parts sellers and specialists.  And these are the two MOST CRITICAL things to most Chinese vehicle owners.  Why? Because you are going to have lots of breakdowns over the years and and if you cannot get your vehicle repaired or get parts you'll be stuck. Months down the road when your vehicle is breaking down, as explained in our straight talk post, it is not going to matter, how quickly the seller got your vehicle to you and how nice they were.  The only thing that will matter is can you get your vehicle repaired and can you get the parts to repair it for the next 10 to 20 years.  THIS IS WHERE WE SHINE.  There are literally thousands of Chinese vehicles sitting in garages and back yards broken down for years.  We recently had an owner of buggy, purchased elsewhere, say to us, if I get a new buggy can you guarantee me that I will not have the same problems.  And the our technician responded, "if you get a new buggy I can guarantee you that you WILL have problems" as we state in our straight talk blog post.

What makes BDX different?  BDX is an engineering and manufacturing driven company. Most sellers are sales driven companies.  Sales driven companies lack the substance to back up what they do or what they claim.  We know what parts fit your vehicle, we know how to fix your vehicle, we know how to build the engine that goes into your vehicle.  Because of all of this we can offer you far more than any other seller.

If you were purchasing a birthday cake, getting the cake quickly on time and good taste that day, is ALL that matters.  But you are purchasing something that you will be operating for 10 to 20 years and not just for one day.  So the real question is what does the company offer over the next ten years.

BDX Performance manufacturers parts for Crossfire 150R, where Tomberlin has been out of business for 10 years, Baha 150 and the Yerf Dog where the company has been out of business for 17 years  The point is our specialty is after the sale technical support and parts and nobody else is doing this.

The intent of the chart above is to quickly allow you to see who is doing what relative to things that you will likely need.  We did our best to look at each of our competitor's websites and give an accurate assessment, based upon their content.  However, some of the wording is so illusive that it is hard, even for us, with our 18 years of experience, to figure.  For example one seller said that their technicians hands on assemble and "work on" vehicles each day.  Working on and repairing vehicles are two completely different things.  Anyone can assemble one of these vehicles, which technically is "working on", however, it takes an entirely different skill level to repair these vehicles.  Even most small engine repair shops are not competent in repairing Chinese vehicles.  When you have no spark and call their 'assembler technician' he/she is not going to be able to help you!!  So is this seller intentionally being misleading? Hmmm, it seems so thus we put a question mark on the spreadsheet..   

This chart was produced 7/5/2022 and sellers will change and improve.  So not all of the content is guaranteed to be accurate over time.  However, we are continually updating and adding information and competitors to this chart.  Our hope is that this chart will also help all sellers improve and bring stability and clarity to the market as it motivates sellers to be clear and honest..  It has actually helped us.  We have decided to add a FAQ section to our website after seeing what WholesaleATV was doing.