Vehicle Options

  • Option 1: Partially Assembled:  Comes in a crate delivered by 18 wheeler on a pallet. You complete the assembly and testing of your vehicle. 
    • Go-Karts approximately 70 to 80% assembled
    • Golf Carts 60 to 70% assembled. This vehicle requires lots of assembly.  Be prepared for a big job.
    • ATV's 85 to 90% assembled
    • UTV's 70 to 80% assembled
    • Dirt Bikes 85 to 90% assembled
  • Option 2:  Fully Assembled and Tested:  With this option we deliver to your door fully assembled and tested and ready to ride.  Delivered by roll back or pickup truck with trailer..  Call for a quote.

  • Option 3: You Pickup. You can pickup your vehicle from one of our warehouses including TX, CA, GA, VA, IN and other locations around the country. We do not store much inventory in VA so there is reduced delivery if picked up in VA. Call before ordering.


Critical Shipping Information