Shipping for Buggies, ATVs, UTVs, Golf Carts and all Vehicles

WARNING WARNING WARNING--DO NOT GET YOUR VEHICLE SHIPPED BY FREIGHT:  If you are ordering a new vehicle we strongly recommend that you get your vehicle assembled and tested by BDX Performance and delivered to you by one of our employees by truck and car hauler.  We strongly recommend that you do NOT get your vehicle shipped partially assembled in a crate by a trucking company as fully explained here.

If you do get your vehicle unassembled shipped by freight DO NOT SIGN THE TRUCKERS PAPERWORK UNTIL YOU HAVE INSPECTED YOUR NEW VEHICLE.  The trucking company is responsible for shipping damage while your vehicle is in transit.  Shipping damage created by the shipper is NOT covered under your warranty as explained here.  

Once you sign the truckers documentation the trucking company is 100% off the hook regarding any shipping damage they created.  When you sign the truckers paperwork with no comments you are saying, "I received the vehicle and there is no damage".    So you cannot go back later and say their was damage.  The trucker will not tell you this since his obligation is to his employer.

If the trucker says you cannot look inside of the box to see if there is damage tell him or her that you MUST inspect the product or you cannot accept delivery. If he refuses get BDX Performance on the line so that we can talk to the trucker.


  1. Check the outside of the box.  Look for any holes in the box or outer cover take pictures before removing the box. Some vehicles come with no cardboard but with tarp or shrink wrap around a metal crate frame.  Look for holes in the wrap but likely you will not see anything so go to step 2.
  2. Remove the box or wrap and inspect the vehicle and metal frame for damage.  If the metal crate is bent look closely for damage.  Take pictures of any damage.
  3. If there is damage, accept the shipment, however note the damage on the truckers paperwork before signing the documentation.  Write a detailed description of the damage on the truckers paperwork.  If the trucker has some electronic signature device tell him you cannot sign or consent without noting the damage somewhere. The detailed damage report allows a claim to be filed in order to recover damages.   Be sure to also check for any scuffs, scratches or scrapes before signing.  Once you have signed the documentation the trucking company is off of the hook.

Receiving a Fully Assembled Vehicle: 

  • Use the same basic concept above.  Inspect for damage and note any damage on the signing document.
  • Vehicles do not come with the windshields assembled due to damage that occur to roofs and windshields when the windshields are installed and driving at 70 to 75 MPH on freeways.

Planning Ahead Before the Trucker Arrives

  • Before the trucking company arrives make sure that you have space for an 18 wheeler to turn around.  And that you are not in a location that he cannot get into.
  • You will receive a tracking number from BDX.  You can contact the local trucking company distribution center and work out details for your delivery.  Be thinking about where the trucker will drop your vehicle and how you will move it.  Some vehicles weigh 500 to 1000, to 1500 pounds so plan ahead.  If you have no plan when the trucker arrives he may have no choice except to drop on the side of the road.  Again call the distribution center and work out the details.

Shipping Estimates on Our Website:

The shipping that is stated at checkout for all vehicles is an estimate. Trucking companies charge different rates for vehicles going 3,000 miles as opposed to ones going 50 miles. Your actual shipping may be less or more as explained below: 
  • When you check out you get the same shipping price estimate whether you are a mile down the road from our warehouse or 3,000 miles across country.  Therefore, your actual shipping may be less or more than quoted to you on our website depending upon your location.  Call to get an exact quote.  If you check out without contacting us, a customer service rep will contact you to notify you of a refund amount or to let you know the full amount to get to your destination 

  • You have the option of shipping to your house or business or taking a cheaper option of shipping to the nearest trucking company distribution center to you.  Distribution centers are usually within an hours drive from most customers in the USA. And typically will save you about $100 if you pick up the vehicle from a trucking distribution center.

  • If you want it delivered to your house or business please let us know if you need a lift gate or if you have a forklift to unload   If you do NOT have a way to unload we can provide a truck with lift gate to unload.  This usually cost $75.

  • Shipping price applies to lower 48 states (USA mainland - contiguous USA.

  • There is a surcharge for certain areas and states due to excessive delivery cost to these states. These areas include: parts of New York state such as Long Island, Arizona, Colorado, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.  

  • The trucking companies charge an extra fee for longer four seater vehicles due their over-sized length.  This fee may not show up when you check out and a rep may call you if the surcharge is excessive.

  • Birthdays and special events please call and tell us if you have to have the vehicle by a certain date.  Typically the process from order to delivery is 7 to 10 days. But could go over 10  days in some situations.

You also have the option of getting BDX to assemble and test your vehicle for you and shipping by truck and trailer.  We can quote you a price for this also when you call.  Your vehicle will arrive ready to ride.


  • Option 1: 80% Assembled:  Comes in a crate delivered by 18 wheeler on a pallet.  You complete the assembly and testing of your vehicle. See instructions & not to do's and here is a somewhat cool You Tube Video

  • Option 2:  Fully Assembled and Tested:  With this option we deliver to your door fully assembled and tested and ready to ride.  Delivered by roll back or pickup truck with trailer..  Call for a quote.

  • Option 3: 150cc and 170cc Go-Kart ATV GY6 PowerPak:  If you are having us assemble your vehcilve we could add power performance options for you such as the BDX PowerPak of performance parts to fully tap the performance of the engine--Click to review.

    • Option 4: Pick up from one of our warehouses near Dallas TX, AT, CA, IN, VA.  .

    Delivery and Production Times on Vehicles

    • Vehicle delivery times can vary somewhat.  Typically the time to deliver a crated vehicle is 3 to 5 days after pickup from our warehouse.  This is typical times can vary depending upon issues with trucking and at distribution centers.  Also if the trucking company has issues contacting you this could delay things as well. 
    • Prep for shipping:  Usually orders are prepped for shipping within 1 or 2 days depending upon the time of day the order is placed and the level of orders received that day.
    • Assembly times for assembled vehicles is usually 3 to 5 days depending various factors. 
    • Delivery times for assembled vehicles:  Sometimes scheduling a car hauler takes a little more time depending on where you live, the time of year, if there is peak demand.  There are only a fraction of ATV, UTV, Golf Cart, Buggy haulers compared to tens of thousands of truckers. It is rare but we do occasionally have a couple of weeks wait in locating a car hauler. And sometimes a car hauler will have a break down while in transit.  And if you live in a very remote location it could take a few days longer to find someone to drive the vehicle to you.  So if you want your vehicle assembled PLEASE be patient. If you do get impatient waiting please see our policy on cancellation once we have started assembling your vehicle or once your vehicle has been picked up for delivery-click here.

    The times above are norms and things can happen that may require taking longer.  If you need your vehicle by an absolute date, for some event or some other reason, please be sure to tell us. Please don't wait days and then tells us after the vehicle has not shipped in the time that you thought it would.