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This is a replacement GY6 150cc engine for your Tomberlin Crossfire 150R buggy as well as some models of the Baja Reaction.  The exact Crossfire engine is no longer manufactured or available ANYWHERE.  With this replacement engine you'll need to space over your axle sprocket using some washers and grade 8 bolts and you'll need our Crossfire 150R engine replacement kit.  The internal reverse, on the replacement engine, operates a little differently that the reverse on your original engine and this is why you need a different shifting system.

If you have any questions call our technicians at 474-447-4870 and they will be able to 100% guaranteed the fit for your vehicle.

We can also convert this same engine for racing by giving it more horsepower. We can convert this 150cc engine into a 175cc or 184cc racing engine for your vehicle. Add $200 more for to convert to a 175cc racing engine and $200 on top of that to convert to a 184cc racing.

Fits Crossfire 150R
[*] Complete Engine & Transmission
[*] Internal Reverse Engine
[*] Minor modifications required


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To see more on converting this new engine to a 175cc racing engine please see:

175CC racing Engine

Engine is shipped DRY with no oil. Be sure to add 750ml of 10w40 to the crankcase and 120ml of 80w90 to the gearcase before starting.



No returns on engines.

Please do not return your engine. In the very rare event that there is a warranty issue please see warranty section.  Please call us before you order an engine so that we can 100% verify your engine.  If you ordered the wrong engine by mistake we will help you resolve the issue so that you are not stuck with an engine that you cannot use.  Just call us.

What's included:
Everything under the engine's covers and plastics is included and installed, this is a complete unit. Starter, stator, and intake manifold arrive bolted to engine. CVT transmission is fully assembled and cover installed. All transmission components are assembled and cover installed. All drain bolts and internal oil screen are installed. Valve cover installed.

Sold separately:
Carburetor, exhaust, ignition components are all sold separately.

Remember to adjust valves after break-in period..