BDX Performance Machine Shop Customization

For over 20 years BDX Performance has been engineering and customizing parts and products for Chinese made vehicles.  We manufacture the parts right here in the USA in our manufacturing operation in Virginia.  BDX has a full machine shop with the ability to make many of the parts for off road vehicles.  BDX is the ONLY seller of off road vehicles that has machine shop capabilities and can customizes to 

BDX make heavy duty performance parts with its BDX product line that are so robust that they come with a lifetime warranty - click here

When other manufacturers stop supporting their products or go out of business and customers can no long get parts for their vehicle BDX steps up and manufactures solutions such as the following products:

The owners of these vehicles were stuck when their engines failed until BDX begin producing an engine that would fit each of these vehicles

BDX customizes stock vehicles based upon customer requests: