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IB 650 EFI 4X4 UTV, 1 Year Warranty, Free Tech Support

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IB 650 EFI 4X4 UTV, 1 Year Warranty, Free Tech Support


  • Automatic with reverse
  • 14in ground clearance


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        • Engine: Single Cylinder, Four Stroke, Four Valves, Water Cooling + Oil Cooling, EFI
        • Horsepower: 39.45
        • Engine Oil: Royal Purple 10w/40 Max Cycle Synthetic Oil
        • Max Torque: 57N.m/4250r/min
        • Compression Ratio: 10.3:1
        • Cooling: Water Cooled + Oil Cooled
        • Cooling Lubricant: Royal Purple Purple Ice
        • Top Speed: 45mph (depnding rider weight and road condition)
        • Drive Type: Fully Automatic
        • Gears: L-H-N-R
        • Clutch: CVT & AMT
        • Drive: Shaft Drive Front/Rear
        • 4x4 Capable: 2x4, 4x4, Differential Locking Switch
        • Starting System: Electric Start
        • Ignition: EFI
        • Fuel System: 7.66 Gallons
        • Emissions Control: Catalytic Converter Installed
        • Steering: Rack and Pinion
        • Steering Wheel: Ergonomic Steering Wheel
        • Front/Rear Suspension: Independent Double Arm
        • Front/Rear Brakes: Hydraulic Disc Brake
        • Front/Rear Tire: 25"8-12/25"10-12
        • Front/Rear Wheel: 12" Aluminum Wheels
        • Front Travel: 3.35'
        • Rear Travel: 1.97'
        • Cargo Bed Operation: Manual
        • Cargo Bed Capacity: 220lbs
        • Dimensions: 115.35"(L) x 55.11"(W) x 72.04"(H)
        • Cargo Bed Demensions: 37.4"(L) x 42.91"(W) x 11.81"(H)
        • Unit Width: 55.12"
        • Seat Width: 11.81"
        • Front Shock Dimensions: 15.74"
        • Rear Shock Dimensions: 15.55"
        • Air Filter Diameter: 9.45" x 4.92" x 6.69"
        • Radiator Dimensions: 17.71" x 9.65" x 1.57"
        • Brake Rotor Dimensions: F(200 x 0.14") R(182 x 0.14")
        • Dry Weight: 1146 LBS
        • Ground Clearance: 14.4"
        • Towing Capactiy: 2000 LBS
        • Included Accessories: Front Winch, Front Windshield, Roof, 2" Tow Ball With Hitch, Half Doors, LED Lights, Open Air Filter Intake - Washable, Hard Roof, Seat Belt, Steering Assist System