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Dongfang Captain Adult Go-Kart Buggy 200GSA, Big Bore 200 PowerStroke, Automatic with Forward and Reverse, 1 Year Warranty, Free Tech Support

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Dongfang Captain Adult Go-Kart Buggy 200GSA, Big Bore 200 PowerStroke, Automatic with Forward and Reverse, 1 Year Warranty, Free Tech Support

BEST MADE BUGGY ON THE MARKET:  We sell a lot of buggies and we have been dealing with buggies for nearly two decades.  The Dongfang DF200GKA is the top-of-the-line best made GY6 class buggy ever built--see why and see why BDX is the only logical place to purchase your DF200GKA--click here because we support what we sell with parts and tech support.

  • 196cc engine with external torque converter

  • Automatic with Reverse

  • Though this kart has a 196cc engine it does not have a GY6 or newer style engine with the more efficient transmission system internal to the engine case.  This vehicle has the traditional old style lawnmower style engine with an external torque converter, which is less efficient and more jerky.  Though it is 196cc engine it produces less horsepower and speed than the GY6 150cc and perhaps even less than the modern 125cc newer engines.  On the positive side, like your lawnmower this engine is not as susceptible to carburetor issues from ethanol  does not have the i issues of the modern engine -- More BDX straight talk

  • If you get this kart be sure to re-install the torque converter cover after replacing the belt.  Over the years most people stop reinstalling the belt cover and long hair can get caught in the torque converter and literally rip a child's scalp off.  Get this vehicle ONLY if you will be diligent about re-installing the torque converter cover.  Even if your child does not have long hair what if one of their friends ride the go-kart while you are not around  -- More BDX straight talk.  This other option is to get a go-kart with the more modern engine where all of this is encased inside of the engine.  Call if you have questions.

  • Electric and Pull Start


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  • Option 1: 80% Assembled:  Comes in a crate delivered by 18 wheeler on a pallet.  You complete the assembly and testing of your vehicle. See instructions & not to do's and here is a somewhat cool You Tube Video

  • Option 2:  Fully Assembled and Tested:  With this option we deliver to your door fully assembled and tested and ready to ride.  Delivered by roll back or pickup truck with trailer..  Call for a quote.

  • Option 3: Dongfang PowerPak:  The stock DF200GKA though built very well and with a powerful engine needs the BDX PowerPak of performance parts to fully tap the performance of the engine--Click to review.

  • Option 4: You Pickup. You can pickup your vehicle from one of our warehouses including TX, CA, GA, VA and other locations around the country: Call us and we will remove the shipping fee.
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        • Engine type: single-cylinder tilt 25 deg., OHV, 4-stroke
        • Displacement(ml): 196
        • Rated Power(kw/r/min): 3.8kw/3600r/min
        • Max Torque (N.m/r/min): 11.5N.m/2500r/min
        • Ignition system: TCI
        • Gear: F+N+R)   
        • Fuel tank capacity(L): 3.6
        • Economical oil exhaust(L/100km): 3.5
        • Transmission: Chain Drive
        • Brake Type: Disc Drive
        • Wheelbase(mm): 1430
        • Seat Height (mm): 450
        • Ground clearance(mm): 120
        • Tires (front / rear): 197.00-8/ 18*9.5-8
        • N. W.(kg): 188     G. W.(kg): 221  
        • Product dimension(mm): 1860*1300*1550
        • Carton dimension(mm): 1790*1130*610
        • Qty/40HQ: 52PCS