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Fangpower Predator 400FX UTV-Side-by-Side-4 Seater, Full Adult Size, 1 Year Warranty, Lifetime Tech Support

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 Fangpower Predator 400FX UTV Side-by-Side 4 Seater



We sell a lot of different buggies and we have been dealing with ALL buggies for nearly two decades.  BDX is the only seller in the USA with full parts and phone technical support for these vehicles.  Read the full case for only BDX click here.


  • Full adult sized side-by-side UTV.  Good looking sporty modern design.

  • 311cc 20.4 HP 4-stroke single-cylinder, water-cooled engine.  This vehicle is advertised nationwide as 350cc and 400cc by other sellers but it is actually 311cc  More BDX Straight Talk

  • Fully automatic CVT transmission with reverse built within the engine case (F-N-R). 

  • Built extra tough with extra thick tubing for rough riding.

  • Padded sport bucket extra comfortable seats.  

  • Double wishbone suspension with independent front control arms and Fangpower 4-Link® bar rear suspension for smooth articulating ride over rough terrain.

  • Oversized large 25" front and rear tires on 12" rims for 12" of ground clearance for trail riding

  • Bright LED headlight with overhead light bar.. Signal lights, horn, emergency flashers and rear tail light good for night trail riding.
  • Side view mirrors, Rear cargo rack, Passenger side hand bar for security

  • Speedometer and odometer, Gas gauge

  • Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes and parking brake.



  • Option 1: 80% Assembled:  Comes in a crate delivered by 18 wheeler on a pallet.  You complete the assembly and testing of your vehicle. See instructions & not to do's and here is a somewhat cool You Tube Video

  • Option 2:  Fully Assembled and Tested:  With this option we deliver to your door fully assembled and tested and ready to ride.  Delivered by roll back or pickup truck with trailer..  Call for a quote.

  • Option 3: You Pickup. You can pickup your vehicle from one of our warehouses including TX, CA, GA, VA and other locations around the country: Call us and we will remove the shipping fee.

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      The pictures below are two seaters but this listing is for the four seater.  It is the same vehicle with two additional seats.

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      • PRODUCTS STATE : 12" AL rim, 25" Tire, soft roof , Steel door windshield , Full bumper Roof light bar 12AH Battery Speed meter Fuel meter Adjustable front suspension Pinion and rack steering
      • Final Drive : Shaft-drive
      • Engine type : 4-stroke,Single-Cylinder, Water-cooled
      • Horse Power : 18KW ( 6500rpm) 25HP
      • Valve Configuration : SOHC
      • Compression ratio : 10.0:1
      • Fuel Delivery System : Fuel Pump Carburetor
      • Choke System :
      • Fuel capacity : 9.5L (2.1 Gallon)
      • Driveline Type : 4X2
      • Transmission : Constantly Variable Transmission
      • Gear Selection : Forward & Reverse Single Speed
      • Forward Lights : Headlights-High & Low Beam
      • Rear Lights : Brake Lights & Left/Right Signal lights
      • Starting system : Electric start  
      • Ignition system : D.C.D.I
      • Suspension Front : Double A-arm Suspension
      • Suspension Rear : Fang power 4-Link® bar Rear Suspension
      • Brakes Front : 220MM Front Dual Hydraulic Disk 
      • Brakes Rear : 220MM Rear Dual Hydraulic Disk 
      • Front Tread : 1250mm ( 49.2 in)
      • Rear Tread : 1150mm ( 45.2in)
      • Front & Rear tire size : 25x8-12 / 25x10-12
      • Top speed : 75km/h
      • Dry weight : 500KGS
      • Gross weight : 560kgs
      • Wheelbase : 1980mm (78in)
      • Vehicle dimension(L×W×H) : 3360x1450x1750mm(132*57*69in)
      • Packing size : 2980x1400x815mm(90*51*32in)
      • Ground clearance : 300mm(11.8in)
      • Safety : Driver & Passenger Seat belts/ Driver and Passenger safety net restraints.



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