Pentora 125 Children's ATV, 4-Stroke 125cc

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  • Children's ATV
  • 125cc engine
  • Fully automatic transmission with reverse
  • Remote kill switch. From the comfort of your porch you can kill the engine with the press of a remote button if you see a child headed for danger.
  • Speed limiter. You have the option of dialing the speed down to a crawl for safety and training purposes
  • 8in front and rear rims
  • 18in front and rear tires
  • 4in ground clearance
  • 1.71 gal fuel tank capacity


This vehicle can come fully assembled or partially assembled -- see options. Partially assembled is the default.



  • Engine Type: 125CC, air cooled. 4 stroke, automatic with reverse
  • Model: ZS154FMI
  • Manufacturer: ZONGSHEN
  • Bore×Stroke: 2.1”× 2.1”
  • Engine Capacity: 123.67ML
  • Compression Ratio: 9.0:1
  • Max Power: 〔6.3(1±10%)〕/〔7500(1±5%)〕
  • Max Torque: 〔8.8(1±10%)〕/〔5500(1±5%)〕
  • Battery: 12V/5AH
  • Tank Capacity: 1.71 gal
  • Fr./Rr. Suspension: Oil Damper
  • Fr./Rr. Suspension Length: 11/13.5in
  • Minimum Ground Clearance: 4in
  • Fr. Suspension Travel: 2in
  • Rr. Suspension Travel: 2.3in
  • Minimum Turning Circle Diameter: 149.6in
  • Turning Angle: <45°
  • Sideslip: <5m/km
  • Max Loading: 180lbs
  • Net Weight: 265lbs
  • G. W.: 316lbs
  • F&R Brake: Fr. & Rr. Disc Brake
  • F&R Brake Operation Type: Fr. & Rr. Hand Brake
  • Fr./Rr. Rim: 8in
  • Fr./Rr. Tire: 18*7-8/18*9-8
  • Fr./RR. Tire Capacity: 9 PSI
  • L×W×H: 61x39x42
  • Wheelbase: 40.5in
  • Front Wheelbase: 34in
  • Rear Wheelbase: 30in
  • Seat Height: 29in
  • Ride Height: 8.6in
  • Handle Height: 39.7in
  • Packing Size: 34x39x26in