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Trailmaster Cheetah i6 Children's Go-Kart Buggy, Electric Motor, 1 Year Warranty, Lifetime Free Tech Support

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Trailmaster Cheetah i6 Children's Go-Kart Buggy, Electric Motor, 1 Year Warranty, Lifetime Free Tech Support

  • Speed limiter.  You have the option of dialing the speed down to a crawl for safety and training purposes.
  • A fully padded roll cage
  • Fully electric vehicle


  • Option 1: 80% Assembled:  Comes in a crate delivered by 18 wheeler on a pallet.  You complete the assembly and testing of your vehicle. See instructions & not to do's 

  • Option 2:  Fully Assembled and Tested:  With this option we deliver to your door fully assembled and tested and ready to ride.  Delivered by roll back or pickup truck with trailer..  Call for a quote.

  • Option 3: You Pickup. You can pickup your vehicle from one of our warehouses including TX, CA, GA, VA, IN and other locations around the country: Call us and we will remove the shipping fee.
  • Windshield: +$250
  • Lightbar: +$200

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      • Motor Type: DC Brush Motor
      • Power: 650W
      • Max. Output: 1100W
      • Max torque: 15n.m/2500rpm
      • Battery: 48V20AH
      • Max speed: 19 M/H, 13 M/H on low speed mode
      • Climbing ability: 12°
      • Mileage at full charge: 30 Mile
      • Turning Radius: 13.1 feet
      • Gears: F-R
      • Drive Mode: CHAIN / DUAL WHEEL DRIVE
      • Brakes: REAR DISC
      • Tires, F / R: 145/70-6 / 16*6-8
      • Weight: G.W. / N.W.308 / 264 lbs
      • Max load: 180 LBS
      • Wheelbase: 43.7"
      • OA L x W x H: 63x36x50 inches
      • Height to seat: 14.2 inches
      • Min. ground clearance: 3.6”
      • Pedal to seat back: 28” to 32”
      • Package size: 60X32X21 inches